Cincinnati Recruiter Reviews

B2B Reviews

“We hired someone from our internal efforts, but working with you was easy and informative and I appreciate your efforts. I could tell you were working really hard for us.”

Mid-Sized CPA Firm

“We decided to restructure and divide the job roles up between our existing staff and not hire anyone new. The candidates you presented were a great fit but our budget just didn’t allow for it in the end. Due to your time and impressive presentations we do want to give you a small retainer for your time spent.”

Family Owned Advertising Agency

“I was using another recruiter but it was clear that they had no idea what we needed. Thanks for understanding and getting candidates in that actually made sense.”

National Service Company

“I called you with an issue – I needed some lower-level support staffers. A few days later I called you back – my accounting manager left, and I needed someone to rely on. Within three weeks you found me two AMAZING support staffers that fit in with me and the department, and you found me an accounting manager who does a better job than I ever could myself. I can’t believe it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Small CPA Firm Owner

“You know my industry, you know what I was looking for, I wish I could have hired all three of the candidates you presented. When I worked with a larger staffing firm my issue was them sending me crap candidates. In working with you my issue was deciding between good, great, and outstanding candidates. Definitely a good problem to have.”

Mid-Sized CPA Firm Owner

“I like working with you! You’re easy, you’re professional, you’re responsive, somehow you knew what I was looking for better than I did.”

Mid-Sized CPA Firm Operations Manager

B2C Reviews

“Yeah I am working with another recruiter but they never call me back and nothing has come from it. Thanks for checking in with me and keeping me informed and for connecting me with your client who created a job for me.”

Financial Analyst

“Thanks for being patient with me. Thanks for not pushing me into anything and truly understanding my feelings. This was a tough process for me, so thanks for making it easier and more transparent.”

Tax Manager

“I’m really impressed. I talked to a recruiter a while ago, they never called me back, they didn’t seem interested in me. You were able to give me feedback on my resume and interview tips. I can’t believe you had a client who created my role for me!”

Tax Senior, moved to Manager

“I was surprised you didn’t try to sell me on that other role. I was glad to have the time to decide what is right for me, and your informative nature made my decision much easier. I am much happier now at the organization you connected me to.”

Tax Senior

“You’ve been really helpful in presenting some options. I just assumed all public accounting firms are the same. I’m glad you knew of some firms I had never heard of. The culture where you placed me is much better and I like the control I have over my job role now. Thanks!”

Audit Manager

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