Cincinnati Job Hunt FAQ

Read the answers to the most common questions we receive from businesses and candidates before we engage our Cincinnati job placement services.

I receive calls from recruiters every day. What makes your firm different and why should I work with you?

Excellent question. Our team is comprised of recruiters who have experience in your industry. We have found the most successful way to measure a candidate’s skills and cultural needs is to have done the job ourselves. We are much different than other firms because of our passion for caring about candidates.

Our staff has been at the big recruiting firms and didn’t align with their model for pushing people into jobs just to fill a role.

Our model is built on working with a select few candidates who we know we can help. We make fewer placements than the big guys, but that is because we are attentive and focused and actively representing YOU, every day.

As a job seeker, why should I use a recruiter?

Recruiters are not able to help everyone. The professionals we are able to help are passionate, successful, and doing well in their current role, but are interested in progressing their career. We represent candidates confidentially. This allows the candidate to search for job opportunities and companies comfortably, without worrying about jeopardizing their current career.

Changing jobs can be scary and overwhelming. A recruiter handles the process for the candidate and is able to provide them with additional insight into the company’s culture, staff make up, and client base.

Do you offer resume writing services?

We do have partners that are able to whip your resume into shape. Additionally, our recruiters on staff are able to give you feedback for your resume and offer suggestions.

I would like to work for a specific company. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our networking within accounting and finance is extensive. If the company you seek is not an existing client we have means for connecting you to them.

How do you ensure confidentiality for job seekers?

Our clients are known, trusted, and we have worked with them before. At initial contact, we describe your background, qualifications, and interests to our clients to gauge their interest.

During this process, we do not discuss your employer, University, location, or any other identifying factors of your background.

Once they have submitted an interest, we ask your permission to send them your resume. All of our clients have signed a contract ensuring that they cannot discuss your identity with anyone outside of their hiring team. We do not release resumes without a candidate’s permission.

I am moving to Cincinnati soon, can you help me find a job?

We specialize in placing candidates moving into the Greater Cincinnati area with a company that is perfectly aligned with their skill set and career goals.

What is the process for working with a recruiter?

We make the process transparent, everything is in Plainview. Step one is to get to know your accomplishments, background, personality, likes, and dislikes. Based on this comprehensive process, we determine what clients you would be fit for and discuss each opportunity in depth. Once we have established your opportunity interests, we schedule interviews and provide you with coaching and feedback for those interviews. Upon reaching the offer stage, we provide you with industry knowledge to understand if your offer is competitive.

The first step is to get in contact with us.

Do you offer Salary Guides?

No. Salary guides are marketing material that large recruiting firms use. These guides are oftentimes not accurate and not applicable to your location or industry.

We determine competitive salaries by analyzing real data from candidates we have placed, the current job market, and other tools at our disposal.

I am an employer and I am interested in hiring you. What are your fees for a job search?

We have found a huge area of opportunity for ethical and transparent recruiting. All of our services and fees are in Plainview. View our Cincinnati job placement fees.