Public Accounting Placement

Public Accounting Positions: Cincinnati, OH

Plainview Resources works with small to mid-sized public accounting firms to help support their growth.

Many public accountants exit the industry because they don’t enjoy the way they are treated by partners and owners, they don’t enjoy the long hours, and they don’t enjoy the way clients respond to them. However, after transitioning to corporate accounting, public accountants sometimes find themselves bored, and their career growth comes to a slow halt.

Enter the mid-sized public accounting firm. Public accountants who enjoy the challenges and excitement of their work, but aren’t enjoying their firm, have many options at the mid-sized firm level.

The mid-sized firms represented by Plainview Resources are family-owned, operated, and oriented. They promote flexible working hours and work/life harmony.

Colleagues collaborate for the good of the client and tightly knit cultures of friendships are formed. Professionals progress to new career levels as they actively take on responsibility, not at the pace of an HR-job-title-hierarchy. Staff level employees receive more attention and mentorship from tenured professionals and senior to manager level professionals experience more client control with little oversight from owners and partners.

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