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Plainview Resources is a full-service executive search firm that goes a step beyond recruiting. Our model is to find that talent that will be retained, not just placed. We ensure retention through our thoughtful process of accurately identifying culture, personality, and skillset in every candidate, as it relates to your organization.


Our focus and expertise allow us to move quickly and find the best talent within Public Accounting, Corporate Accounting, and Finance.

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Plainview helps with making the right career move, at the right time, with the right fit.

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How Plainview Resources supports your vision:

A step beyond recruiting, providing an extensive service offering to ensure the right fit for your culture and business model.

We do this by implementing talent acquisition and retention resources. We analyze your hiring process, culture, and brand, to truly uncover the root of your talent needs and how to best support them.

Coupled with our industry experience, we can build a platform for your business to continue its drive for success.

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